Langeloh Online Only is an internet platform on which we perform limited-time auctions. International collectors are invited to participate via the Internet and submit bids for porcelains and faiences, which are available for sale online for a fixed period of time. Each sale is accompanied by a printed catalogue with rich illustrations and detailed texts (see below).

As art-trading company we are performing since more than 100 years. The intensive historic study of porcelain and faiences and the interaction with collectors and experts are the highest value to us. Therefore, the most important yearly events are the two art-fairs TEFAF Maastricht and HIGHLIGHTS Munich. Long time before the Corona-pandemic it became evident, the internet and the new media would change the art-market and would impose new challenges. With Langeloh Online Only, we have created the possibility to additionally perform purely digital sales campaigns at any time and thus increasingly offer our expertise via the internet as well.

2024 Langeloh Online Only will take place for the fourth time, for which we are currently welcoming submissions. We would also be happy to answer all of your questions about assessment and valuation on single objects or collections of porcelain and faiences of the 18th century.

We are more than happy to receive your messages or requests.


Elfriede Langeloh
Am Michaelsgrund 14
69469 Weinheim

0049 (0) 6201 49 951


The catalogues of our previous sales campaigns are availabe for download as PDF files:

Download Catalogue 2023
Download Catalogue 2022
Download Catalogue 2021